Match Race events in authentic America´s Cup

Posted on 01 January 2010

Match Race and Nautical Events in the America´s Cup ESP65 and ESP67

We organize nautical events sailing in America’s Cup ESP-65 and ESP-67 used by the Spanish Challenge in the last edition of the America’s Cup and the Louis Vuiton Series. You now have the opportunity to organize their events at this authentic Formula 1 of the sea that the Spanish equipment used in the acts of the last edition of the America’s Cup in Valencia. Navigating in a F! of the sea is a unique and amazing that you can only do once in life. Match Race is the toughest form of sailing there is and it’s a unique way to challenge staff and entertain clients. It’s the ultimate test of nerve as two crews battle against each other to see which can out-think and out-manoeuvre the other.

Match Race is an innovative and exciting way to develop business relationships and forge stronger bonds between colleagues and, of course, the best incentive in the sea.

Corporate races in America´s Cup ACC v5 ESP65 and ESP67

The America’s Cup is the best-known form of matching racing, with crews and tacticians working together to sail their opponents into second place and keep them there.
You can organize your event sailing aboard these 2 great ships of the class America´s Cup belonged to the Spanish Challenge in the last Cup held in the waters of Valencia, competing in a match racing regatta to authentic AC.
The day begins with a breafing to participants with instructions on safety standards and conduct maneuvers on board followed by a coffee break.
Once aboard the participants receive a coaching spot and leave prior to the race course to practice maneuvers.
At the scheduled start of the procedure output and competes in a match racing regatta along the previously marked by the event organizers.
In Copa America each can browse attended by 12 participants ranging and advised by the skipper and crew.
The rest of the group navigates a catamaran watching the maneuvers through boats and air crews will trade until the group has sailed in the America Cup.
When finished, we can organize a lunch and an awards ceremony for the winners.

Characteristics of the America´s Cup ACC v5 ESP65 and ESP67

These amazing boats, real Formula 1 of the sea are stunning dimensions:
The mainsail is as big as the wings of a Jumbo!
The mast has a height of 10 floors of a building!
The spinnaker is the size of 4 tennis courts!

America´s Cup Class V5 (ACC)

Sail number: ESP65 and ESP67
Lenght: 24 meters
Beam: 3,60 meters
Mast height: 32,50 meters
Displacement: 24 tons
Bulb: 19 tons
Electronic: Racin Bravo (EUPLA)
Crew number: 17-18
Mainsail: 215 m2
Genoa: 170 m2
Spinnaker: 600 m2
Winches: 11

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