Nautical events in Valencia and the Veles e Vents building

Posted on 21 March 2010

The Veles e Vents (Sails and Winds) building takes its name from the poem of the same name as a tribute to its author Ausias March, is an excellent place to hold events and conferences in Valencia.

Designed by architects David Chipperfield and Fermín Vázquez, was built for the 32nd America’s Cup and has become an icon of the city of Valencia

The Veles e Vents building

This is a building covering roughly 11,000 square metres, consisting of 4 levels by means of large concrete platforms apparently hanging over empty space. The terraces, wooden roofs and the glass facings make this a superb vantage point over the city.
This was intended to be used as a building for guests during the 32 America’s Cup, which is why its final design provides:

• A great place to watch the yachts being made ready and sailing out at the beginning of each regatta, as this is located just by the canal.
• A panoramic viewpoint both of the docks and of the competition taking place on the sea.
• Exclusiveness, also breaking with the traditional model of sports hospitality. The guests are meant to feel that they have exclusively lived through a positive and unforgettable experience.
• Easy access from the Dock of the former Fish Market, where the guests’ yachts were located during the competition.

The terrace is an extension of the Veles e Vents building, a large area for encounter, education and leisure purposes, taking up around 15,000 square metres. Ramps connect these platforms with the lower walkway, providing a definitive connection between the Marina Real Juan Carlos I and La Malvarrosa beach.

At the foot of Veles e Vents building we embark on our boats or yachts and sail to the race course for the realization of its corporate race.
On return, it can become an ideal place for a meal or a prize-giving ceremony to winners

Underground car-park for 800 vehicles built to give service

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