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We are specialists in the design, organization and development of corporate races, nautical activities, sailing events and nautical incentives. Share experiences with their customers or employees is a way to create a positive and important impact and an excellent and effective way to improve relations.
This activity is the realization of a race on sailboats from 12 to 16 meters. Gather navigation pleasure sailing with the thrill of competition to achieve their guests, customers or employees to enjoy an unforgettable nautical activity.

We encourage teamwork in a competitive sailing activity

Optionally participants will pass through prior to the sailing races, which can be delivered by America’s Cup sailors or Olympic champions coaching. This coaching can be delivered in the hotel before departure or at the port of embarking.
Since his arrival in port, we do that participants are involved in a system of official racing competition.
The process of formation of teams form groups of between 6 and 10 people to integrate the crews of each vessel.
Claws from the port to the race course which will be marked previously.
There is a period of practices to train the manoeuvres under the orders of an expert pattern.
At the scheduled time output procedure begins and vessels will compete between by a path previously marked by buoys race.
Activity is supported by sailboats, pneumatic support, a medical team and even motor yacht, follow-up schooners or catamarans and committee boat.
The day complete with delivery of trophies to the winners of sailing races.
The sailing event duration varies to choice between 3 and 6 hours.

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